I am Here

Hello everyone!!  I finally made it!

Today is the first day of my new blog.  I’m so excited that my mom has decided to let me share my creations with the world.  It took a lot of convincing but she finally said it was ok.

I will post all of the things that I create alongside my mom.  She is such a great teacher.  I hope to post often but my everyday life might stop me.  Homework and chores are important so until those are done, I can’t post.  I hope you understand.

My mom is taking a watercolor class starting next week and she I can take the class with her.  So starting next week you will see some of the cards that I come up with.

For my post today, I will post the pillow I recently made in my sewing class.  My sewing class is so much fun.  I’ve learned a lot about thread, my sewing machine and sewing in a straight line.

Take a look at my pillow that I made all by myself:

Sewing my pillow1Pillow

Please let me know what you think, by leaving me a comment below!

Come back and visit with me again!

– Little Lady Sanaa


6 thoughts on “I am Here

  1. Sanaa I am so very excited that you have created a blog!!!! I cannot wait to see the creative and wonderful things that you will post! Your pillow is FANTABULOUS… just like you! Cheers to your new blog. I am very proud of your accomplishment!

  2. Hi Sanaa, your pillow is beautiful and what a great thing to learn. Good luck with your blog. Can’t wait to see some of your Watercolors. The card you posted on your Mom’s blog was awesome.

    • Thanks again Carol. I love sewing. I have so much fun in that class. I have a couple of watercolor cards to post. Taking that class with my mom is great.

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