You will Love This…Watercolor!

Hello everyone, I’m back.  My mom set some time aside on Friday evenings for us to work on my blog.  So from now now you will see a post from me on Friday’s.  I’m so excited.

Today’s card was created for Addicted to CAS Challenge this week.  My mom and I worked on textured.

My mom asked me to create a card based on what I thought textured meant to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I created a couple of watercolor backgrounds using my moms watercolor pencils.  She taught me to create colors from the pencil shaving, that was so cool.

I added some bakers twine to create texture on my card.  I love it.

Love this


I hope you like it!!

PS – Here is my mom’s card for the same challenge.

~Little Lady Sanaa


9 thoughts on “You will Love This…Watercolor!

  1. Lil Lady Sanaa! I am in love with watercolor! When I was a kid, I loved my watercolor coloring book. This card brings back beautiful memories for me. Your card put a big smile on my face. I love the colors that you used and the baker’s twine added a really nice textured touch! Keep up the awesome work and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for next Friday!

  2. Great job Sanaa, love your creation, you really have an eye for art. Adding the bakers twine for texture was fabulous. I also loved all the blue spots of color to tie all the other colors together.

  3. You need to borrow your Mom’s water color pencils more often… this background is fabulous 🙂 The baker’s twine adds to the texture but also helps to frame the sentiment. Fabulous job! So glad you joined us at ATCAS this week

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