Back to School

Hello everyone!  My mom told me about a contest that Simon Says Stamp is having for kids between the age of 2 to 16!


I decided to make a couple of cards and some painting for this challenge.  I had a lot of fun just playing around and coloring and painting.

Take a look at my first card:

Little girl

Ok so my coloring needs some improvement but I just turned 8 and I was having fun.    I love this little girl because she reminds me of me, take a look at those glasses.

little girl glasses

I saw my mom add glossy accents to her cards for added dimension so I wanted to add it to the glasses for fun.  I think it looks cute and funny that her glasses pop off of the card.

I added some glitter to the hearts and the sentiment but it was hard for the camera to pick up.

Check out my second card:

little boy

This little boy is the little girl’s brother.  Check out his glasses.  It runs in the family.  I stayed in the lines a little bit more after mom begged and pleaded with me to stay in the lines.

I told her “it doesn’t have to be perfect its my work of art”.   She said ok, with a worried look on her face.  Adults worry to much.

little boy glasses

His glasses looks funny too! I love it.  I like this stamp set my mom bought.

This summer my mom registered me into a summer enrichment art program.  It was fun.  I learned how to draw with pastels.

Now take a look at some of the drawing I created with my new pastels my mom bought me:

3 hearts in a vase

 3 hearts in a vase

Sanaa and her friend in a garden

Sanaa and her friend in a garden

Sanaa in a garden

Sanaa in a garden

Supplies used:

Adorkable  Crayola colored pencils  Blick Pastels glossy accents

So what do you think of my work of art?  Let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Little Lady Sanaa


6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Sanaa, I am in love with all of your cards! I especially ♡ the “NERD?” card. I think it is sheer perfection! I also love your creativity in your card with you and your friend in the garden. I really enjoy seeing your awesome work!

  2. Great cards and artwork Sanaa. Glad you had a fun summer with some creative learning as well. I love your glasses and yes the really pop. Tell your Mom to quit worrying, your coloring is just great. Have a wonderful school year and learn lots.

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