You will Love This…Watercolor!

Hello everyone, I’m back.  My mom set some time aside on Friday evenings for us to work on my blog.  So from now now you will see a post from me on Friday’s.  I’m so excited.

Today’s card was created for Addicted to CAS Challenge this week.  My mom and I worked on textured.

My mom asked me to create a card based on what I thought textured meant to me.

A couple of weeks ago, I created a couple of watercolor backgrounds using my moms watercolor pencils.  She taught me to create colors from the pencil shaving, that was so cool.

I added some bakers twine to create texture on my card.  I love it.

Love this


I hope you like it!!

PS – Here is my mom’s card for the same challenge.

~Little Lady Sanaa


Guess what happened at school today

I had a great day at school today.  Today was crazy hat day and this week is also Teacher appreciation week.  I was so busy this weekend preparing for both occasions.  I had so much fun.

So for crazy hat day, we were told to make a crazy hat out of recycle materials.  I asked my mom if we can use some of the old tin foil for my project and she said YES!!

My hat is pretty funny looking but I love it.  You will too.

Sanaa's crazy hat 2 Sanaa's crazy hat

So, I submitted my hat into the competition and GUESS WHAT!!!!!! My hat WON.  I was so excited.  I called my mom to tell her.  My certificate is hanging up in my room.  I’m so proud of myself.

On top of that, today starts teacher appreciation week.  I really like my teacher.  She helps me a lot with my work.  So, I wanted to do something nice for her everyday of this week, starting with today.

I made her a handmade card with something EXTRA!  The front of the card says “thank you for all the EXTRA work you do!”

card 7 Card 2card 4 Card 1crad 8Card 6

My teacher loved it!!  I can’t wait till she sees what I have for her on Wednesday!  Stay tuned!