Guess what happened at school today

I had a great day at school today.  Today was crazy hat day and this week is also Teacher appreciation week.  I was so busy this weekend preparing for both occasions.  I had so much fun.

So for crazy hat day, we were told to make a crazy hat out of recycle materials.  I asked my mom if we can use some of the old tin foil for my project and she said YES!!

My hat is pretty funny looking but I love it.  You will too.

Sanaa's crazy hat 2 Sanaa's crazy hat

So, I submitted my hat into the competition and GUESS WHAT!!!!!! My hat WON.  I was so excited.  I called my mom to tell her.  My certificate is hanging up in my room.  I’m so proud of myself.

On top of that, today starts teacher appreciation week.  I really like my teacher.  She helps me a lot with my work.  So, I wanted to do something nice for her everyday of this week, starting with today.

I made her a handmade card with something EXTRA!  The front of the card says “thank you for all the EXTRA work you do!”

card 7 Card 2card 4 Card 1crad 8Card 6

My teacher loved it!!  I can’t wait till she sees what I have for her on Wednesday!  Stay tuned!